ICS Global has been proudly working with Choose New Zealand to provide our students and clients with the best services. Choose New Zealand is a leading brand helping people from overseas to achieve their dreams in New Zealand. Their international team, including three Licensed Immigration Advisers, provides professional services to anyone with education or immigration enquiries.

There are more than forty students we have helped together from Nepal who are now studying in New Zealand within this year. Through Choose New Zealand, we can work closely with New Zealand government agencies and all institutions. For every student applying through us, we have Licensed Immigration Advisers from Choose New Zealand ensuring the highest chance of a successful visa application.

More about New Zealand

New Zealand has outstood among other countries owing to its high-quality education which is feasible. On the top of that, it also provides affordable and reasonable living cost that is student friendly. Moreover, the education system of New Zealand is based on the balanced blend of both practical and theoretical knowledge which is major concern to any Asian student since the education system of our country is very much limited to theoretical aspects. Besides these, the other pulling factors are the fact that New Zealand is very beautiful, diverse and student friendly country.

New Zealand education is increasingly international in character, driven by information technology, trade, employment markets extending beyond national borders, and a well-travelled population of students, teachings staffs and researchers. Its education system is world class, modern and responsive. It combines proven, traditional principles with innovation, creativity and fresh thinking to produce leaders and citizen equipped for the 21st century. Furthermore, most important part in which student get impressed by new Zealand education system is first it is  student centered and secondly, it is focused on supporting students to problem solve, process  information, work with team, create and innovate where these all factors plays important role for my business course. New Zealand has strong international education connections and recognitions so there is considerable international interest in its education achievements and thus, education service are sought after around the world.

In 2015/2016 QS University rankings, all 8 New Zealand universities feature in the top 500. Two of the universities are in the 2015 academic ranking of world universities (ARWU) and new Zealand is ranked 16 out of 50 in the 2015 universitas 21(U21) ranking. Moreover, New Zealand education system has three levels- early childhood, school, ad tertiary education providing the students with both theoretical and practical experiences. It is the top performing country in terms of the quality of its education system according to the 2013 better life index. Besides that, the crime rate in New Zealand is very low compared to US and UK which is one of the biggest concerns for any students in foreign land.

New Zealand Education System

High quality education at all levels

New Zealand has one of the best education systems in the world. Classes sizes are smaller, and the Western style of learning encourages independent thinking. Our system follows the UK model, with 13 years of primary and secondary schooling, and a three-year Bachelor degree.

The New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) oversees all qualifications so they fit into the New Zealand Qualification Framework (NZQF).

Our primary and secondary system is shown below, so you can see how to transfer into the right level for you. Most schools will accept students for as little as one term (10 weeks) but most students complete at least 1 year; some complete 5 years or more.

Tertiary study for ESOL: There is no academic requirement for entry, and many schools accept students from Beginner to Advanced. You can choose any length of study that you want. Generally, with intense study in an English speaking country, students can expect to improve their IELTS scores by .5 for each of the 4 bands, for every 10 weeks of study.

Tertiary qualifications (Academic and Vocational) are shown below, and NZQA specifies the minimum entry requirements. English ability is measured by IELTS, but many alternatives are accepted. Generally, requirements for entry to qualifications are

  • Level 4: satisfactory completion Year 11 (home country) + IELTS 5.0
  • Level 5: satisfactory completion Year 12 (home country) + IELTS 5.5
  • Level 6: satisfactory completion of the equivalent of Level 5 + IELTS 6.0
  • Level 7: satisfactory completion of the equivalent of Level 6 + IELTS 6.0
  • Level 8 ,9 and 10: satisfactory completion of a relevant degree + IELTS 6.5, or possibly higher

Please note the dates of the New Zealand school year as compared to your country. Also, if you have only 12 years of schooling, your tertiary institution may require you to complete a Foundation Year at Level 4.

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